Thursday, February 9, 2012

Winter Bike Gathering!

On Wednesday, February 15th from 8-10 pm, we are gathering at Harry's Bar & Grill to celebrate Winter Bike Week!

Winter Bike Week is Feb. 12th – 18th, and this has certainly been a great winter for biking, one worth celebrating.  Because there is practically no weather that deters the dedicated winter GSB cyclist from enjoying the fresh air, the stars and the great outdoors, we doing this party al fresco, outdoors on Harry's new deck.  Booyah!   

There are a lot of biking events that week, but we hope you can join with your fellow Northshore and Eastside cyclists at Harry's to have a drink, and enjoy the big fire pit on the new outdoor deck at Harry’s.  While there, you can find out the status of the draft Shorewood Village Bike Plan, and find out what GSB is working on to promote cycling in Shorewood specifically, and on the Northshore/Eastside in general.  Also, if if you are not already aware of it, you can learn that evening from experienced cyclists and commuters how exciting and satisfying it is to bike in the Winter.  Winter bike commuting (especially this year) is practical, enjoyable, economical and satisfying, and a great way to avoid those "dark-cold-cabin-fever-blues".
Come dressed for an outdoor party (women dressed in fur welcome; note, if it’s really bad, we can always bail on the deck and move the party indoors).  Harry's Bar & Grill is located at 3549 Oakland Avenue (that's a half block north of the Shorewood-Milwaukee border, conveniently located for bikers just a half block East of the Oak Leaf Trail).  Harry's is a bike-friendly place, and a great place to turn off the OLT at on a sunny day, and have a drink, or catch a bite to eat. 

Hope to see you on Wednesday evening; bike there or be square!  (Kahuna)

Whether the weather be cold,
        or whether the weather be hot,
We will be biking whatever the weather,
        whether there’s snow or there’s not!

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