Saturday, February 18, 2012

Absotively, Posilutely!

Steve Weinstein, Mara Kuhlman, Sandie Pendleton, Nelson Lopez and Greg Wyder enjoying Harry's awesome new outdoor fire bar.  (Photo credit Tom Kuhlman)

GSB Co-Peloton Leader Sandie Pendleton and Greg "The Patriarch" Wyder prepare for the upcoming Birkie the best way they know how without snow.  (Photo credit Tom Kuhlman)
Here's a quick report on the Greater Shorewood Bikers Winter Bike Gathering.  All the bike racks and then some were full outside of Harry's Bar on Wednesday, February 15th.  A hearty crew of more than 25 turned out for our winter gathering, and enjoyed the fire outdoors on Harry's deck. Among those there that night were two Bike Fed directors (Dr. Dave Waters and Steve Weinstein), local Village "Bike Czar" Tom Kuhlman, and local bike shop impresario Jerry Pearce.

Reminder:  The 2012 Bike Summit is in Madison on Tuesday, February 21st.  If you can make it to the event, we recommend it.  You can register at the door, and the day is filled with lots of inspiration and education, for the bike minded.  A big part of the event too, is attendees meeting with state politicians, so they know that cyclists are serious about wanting the state to spend the state's scarce transportation dollars on infrastructure that is sustainable, environmentally-responsible, community-building and health-enhancing, i.e., build roads and trails that encourage more biking, and enhance safe biking!  Your GSB leaders (Sandie Pendleton and Dave Waters) will be at the Bike Summit, along with other Shorewood residents.  Hope to see you there. 

Along the lines of "more biking, more winter biking and less reliance on oil from repressive regimes," see the below video clip from our friends at Miller Brewing (note, thanks to Dave Schlabowske at the Bike Fed for posting this clip on his blog): 

If for some reason your browser does not let you see or play the above video, see the clip at this link on youtube.  Bike on.  (Kahuna)

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