Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Progress on the Trailer Project

Now that GSB has successfully gotten Shorewood designated as a Bicycle Friendly Community, and now that we have completed the first phase of GSB's "Go by Bike" Banner Project, GSB is currently focusing on its next major project, the Shorewood Community Bike Trailer Project.  This project is designed to get more bike trailers out to Shorewood residents, and encourage more Shorewood residents to leave their cars at home, and instead take their bike and bike trailer when they are going to the store or running errands.

The program is just getting started, and we are currently recruiting sponsors for the trailers.  Sponsors provide us the funds that enable us to buy Burley Trailers, and then we sell or rent those trailers (on a reduced-price basis) to Shorewood residents. In return for the funds the sponsors provide us, sponsors get their names and logos displayed on the trailers, and the benefit of the good media attention we expect this project will get, once it is formally launched.  Also, so that more people can find out about the project, on the back of each trailer is our website address (BikeShorewood.org). 

We'd like to launch the Trailer Project officially with 12 -15 trailers in 2013, as we believe that will get everyone involved (the sponsors, the community and GSB), the biggest bang for the buck, media wise.  We've done relatively limited promotion of the project so far.  Basic sponsorhip costs for each trailer (prior to customization) is $265.  If a sponsor wants GSB to handle the customization of the trailer covers, cost for such range from 38 to 100 dollars (depending what options are selected, and what logo design is submitted).  Shorewood Business Improvement District has agreed to sponsor two trailers, and Alterra Coffee and Harleys The Store for Men have agreed to sponsor one trailer each.

We are looking for additional sponsors, including what we are referring to as a "launch sponsor" (i.e., a sponsor who willing to provide funds for 10-12 trailers, and which will be entitled to certain exclusive media opportunities when we launch the program officially). Exclusive launch sponsor opportunities are available for just $5000. To to the extent anyone reading this article has particularly good connections with owners or managers at Shorewood businesses, if you can discuss or encourage such businesses to become a sponsor of this project, we would certainly appreciate it.  Contact either Dave Waters, Scott Holan or Sandie Pendleton if you desire additional information regarding the project, and how your business and our community can benefit from your involvment.

If you are interested in trying one of the trailers, or seeing what they look like, stop by the First Ride Event, Saturday, June 16th, at Atwater Elementary School, noon to 3:00.  We'll be there with the trailers, enabling parents, children and others to take a test ride with the trailers.   (Kahuna)