Friday, January 27, 2012

How the Dutch Got Good Bike Paths

Hey readers, I heartily recommend watching this short video regarding bike paths in the Netherlands, and the history behind them.  (Note, if you go to You Tube, at this link, you can see it in a larger square.) 

Regrettably for us, it probably won’t be for another forty years from now, until Milwaukee will have a major harbor bridge that accommodates cyclists and pedestrians. Then there will be a video like this as to Milwaukee, and everyone watching it will be shaking their heads, asking themselves “how could Wisconsin government officials in the 1970′s, and in 2012 have been so, so stupid? How could they have been so blind to the beauty and value of a major signature bridge with walkers, runners and bikers streaming over it?  Just so some morning commuters in cars could save 30 seconds?” The saddest words ever spoken: “if only.”

The Dutch have shown that good bike infrastructure save lives, and build better and more beautiful communities.  As Shorewood develops its bike plan, we are doing something that is vital for the long term health and vitality of our community.  (Kahuna)

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