Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Good Reason To Bike To Work This Week

So here's the grim news:

A new study led by Duke University predicts a 20 year forecast for America’s obesity epidemic.

As of today, 33% of all adults in America are obese (78 million people) and by 2030 they predict 42 % of all adults will be obese.  That means 32 million additional adults will be obese by 2030.

2/3 of all adults in America today are already overweight.

Currently 1/3 of all children and teens in the U.S. are overweight and 17% of kids and teens are obese with even higher percentages in African American and Latino children.

Currently 5 % of all adults are severely obese—(nearly 100 lbs overweight) and that will increase to 11 % by 2030.

The health problems and the cost related to the obesity epidemic are and will be astronomical.

Here's the good news:  predictions do not always come true. 

Something can be done about this.  Here's how:

Everyone needs to eat better and exercise more/be more active.

Everyone needs to eat more fruits and vegetables and decrease the amounts of snacks, junk food, and desserts they eat.

Everyone needs to limit the amount of sugar drinks they consume—soda, juices, gatoraide, etc—get them out of the house.

Watch that the portions of food you get or give are reasonable.  Don’t supersize your meals.

Easy on the seconds.  Stop eating when you are full.

Limit the amount of time watching TV, on the computer, video games, computer games, staring at your cell phone.
Be active—get exercise every day—30 to 60 minutes—doing something, anything.

Ride your bicycle.

Bike to Work Week is May 14th to the 18th……let’s all ride.  (David Waters)

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