Sunday, April 15, 2012

Progress on the Banner Project and the Trailer Project

We are making progress on our two major projects for 2012, the Banner Project and the Trailer Project.  But of these projects' goal is to get more Shorewood residents biking more this year, and doing more of their short errands using a bike (or bike and trailer), rather than a car. 

As to the Banner Project, we are ordering a 14' x 6' banner that promotes biking.  The current design has a rather dynamic stick figure cyclist, and the words "Join the Movement; >>>>>> Go by Bike>>>>>>".  At the bottom of the banner, appears our organization name, and the names of the local businesses that have signed on as sponsors. The current businesses that have agreed to be sponsors are Alterra  Coffee, Rainbow Jersey and PNC Bank.  Other "almost there" businesses are City Market, Northshore Wheels, Harry's Bar and the Three Lions.  Businesses we have contacted, but which we have not heard back from include:  Harley's, Cyga, Pick n' Save, Sendik's and Oak Crest.  We'll post the banner at the corner of Capitol Drive and Estabrook Parkway in May, to promote National Bike Month, and Bike to Work Week.  We'll also have the banner for use at future events (like the Shorewood Criterium, and the Shorewood First Ride Event, and Tour de Fat at the Lakefront). 

So if you are in Alterra Coffee, thank them (Paul & Pam Miller, Ward Fowler), or if you are in Rainbow Jersey, thank them (specifically Jerry Pearce), and if you are in PNC Bank (Stephen Chitwood, Manager), thank them as well.  If you are in some of the other businesses that have not committed yet, encourage them to support the GSB Banner Project. 

As to the Trailer Project, this involves us lining up sponsors who will give us money so we can buy Burley Trailers, and then sell or rent those trailers (on a rent to own basis) to Shorewood residents. In return for the money the sponsors provide to us, they get their names displayed prominently on the trailers.  On the back of each trailer, there will also be a pro biking message, something like "Bike Shorewood!", or "Life's Better Biking Short Trips."

We'd like to launch the Trailer Project with 12 trailers.  So far, Shorewood Business Improvement District has agreed to buy two trailers.  (We are asking each sponsor to provide us $265 for each Burley Bee trailer.)  Also, Alterra Coffee has strong interest in the program as well.  So again, to the extent any GSB members reading this have particularly good connections with owners or managers at Shorewood businesses, if you can discuss or encourage such businesses to support one or both of these projects, please do. 

Enjoy the good riding weather  --  April and May are about as good as it gets around here!

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