Saturday, October 8, 2011

BFC Celebration Report

We had a good turnout of about 30 people at out BFC celebration, including Village President Guy Johnson, and two trustees.  One of the things we did at the celebration was to ask attendees to write down the ideas they had for what would make Shorewood a better place to live and bike.  Here (in no particular order), are the ideas attendees provided:   
1.       So as to promote bike commuting:
a.       Work to have the south parking lot at Estabrook Park designated as a daytime “Park and Bike” lot.
b.      Promote 2012 Bike to Work Week.
c.       Sponsor a winter Bike to Work Day.  
d.      Provide treats for bike commuters on the OLT one day during Bike to Work Week, or some other work-day during the summer.  
2.       So as to convince more people in Shorewood to grocery shop or run other errands using their bike, rather than a car: 
a.   Convince a Shorewood business or group to purchase and advertise on (or sell advertisements on) “Shorewood Bike Shopping Carts” (think like Burley bike trailers), then sell or lease those carts to Shorewood residents.
b.   Convince coffee shops in Shorewood to be more bike friendly (establish express "biker only" lines?).
3.       So as to promote economic development in Shorewood:  work to have the Shorewood Milwaukee River Site (the vacant former River Brook Restaurant/Milwaukee PC site) a “green office park” that provides good jobs to persons who specifically want to work there because of its location on the OLT, and a close location to good housing and schools.
4.       So as to improve the OLT: 
a.       Flood damage on the OLT repaired.
b.      Support the addition of a bike path on the Hoan Bridge.
c.       Work to facilitate the construction of the OLT north from Shorewood border approximately 3.5 miles along the abandoned rail corridor, so it links up in Brown Deer Park with the connecting trail to the Ozaukee Interurban Trail.
d.      Lighting on the OLT (although several attendees expressed opposition to this idea). 
5.       So as to make it easier and safer to bike in Shorewood:
a.     Encourage the Village Bike Plan to include Bike lanes on: 
                                                               i.      Edgewood Avenue;
                                                             ii.      Downer Avenue;
                                                            iii.      Oakland Avenue;
                                                           iv.      Lake Drive.
b.      Consider whether the sidewalk on the East side of Lake Drive, could be redeveloped so as to no longer be a sidewalk, but instead to be an asphalt bike and pedestrian trail. 
6.       So as to promote economic development in the Village and so as to improve the OLT:
a.       When Wilson Drive is completed, if commercial space is added on the West side of Wilson Drive, work to have part of the space be a bike store (so it’s on the OLT), and work to have a pub or “beer garden” that has a deck that fronts on the OLT. 
b.      Convince local businesses (e.g., Culver’s, Harry’s, Sendik’s, etc.), to pay for and get recognition on “Welcome to Shorewood” wayfaring signs on the OLT, at three locations:  (i) facing south on the OLT, at the Spector Field; (ii) facing south on the OLT, just south of Capitol Drive; and (iii) facing north on the OLT, just north of Capitol Drive.
7.       To promote biking in Shorewood generally (especially by kids):
a.       Promote more biking to school by students.
b.      Convince Culver’s that it should have a promotion whereby any two kids who show up wearing bike helmets, get “two for the price of one” kid’s cones.
c.       Bike-in-movies at the Shorewood High School.
d.      Get bike racks added in front of Three Lions Pub.
e.      Fix pot holes on the streets.
f.        “Sunday Parkways” (also called "Cyclovias") on the north end of Oakland, or on Maryland, or on Murray.
g.       Encourage the Village to build more asphalt roads, and fewer concrete roads in the Village. 
h.      Print and distribute “Bike More in 2012” GSB yard signs.
i.         Print and distribute small clear “Would this Trip be Better by Bike?” car windshield stickers (kind of like the clear cling on stickers that people put on their car windshields to remind them when they need to change their oil). 
j.    Greater Shorewood Bikers should hold a monthly meeting, at the Three Lions Pub, or some other venue in the Village.   

If you have additional ideas, or thoughts about the above ideas, please be sure to send an email to me ( or Dave Waters (, or post a comment to this blog entry.   Thanks.   (Sandie)

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