Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hoan Bridge Public Meeting Heavily Attended

For details regarding the well attended Hoan Bridge Town Hall Meeting, see this article, from Wednesday's Journal Sentinel. 

Thanks much to Senator Chris Larson and Representative John Richards for organizing the meeting, and giving folks an opportunity to learn more about the issue, and a chance to address the issues. 

The crowd at the meeting was very much in favor of a pedestrian and bike trail addition to the Hoan, as part of the reconstruction project that is scheduled to start in 2013.  Many persons from Shorewood attended—including GSB Co-Peloton Leader Dr. Dave Waters, along with Alan & Sheila Freysinger, Tom Kuhlman, and Jerry Pearce.  This despite the meetings inconvenient location and time. 

The meeting was not perfect.  The format was not designed to provide a substantive discussion of trail design options, or fiscal issues.  Much speculation is occurring on the issue, until WisDOT issues the results of its study later this fall.  The room too was way too small for the meeting (there was adequate space for about 50 people, rather than the roughly 250 who showed up). 

Because of this, GSB is considering organizing a follow-up meeting on the northside of town at the issue.  Stay tuned for future updates on this issue.

Fyi, on the Bicycle Friendly Community application, we have not heard anything yet.  We expect that the results of the League’s review will be released sometime in September.  --  Sandie

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